Crypto Cannabis Conference


2nd Annual
Crypto Cannabis Conference

Speaker 00
Founder & Organizer
(Robert Stephan)
Speaker 13
Dmitry (Rassah) Murashchik
Speaker 14
Medical Genomics
(Kevin Mckernan)
Speaker 15
Pure Vision Technology
(Carl Lehrburger)
Speaker 24
THC Magazine
(Michael Bright)
Speaker 19
Security Grade Protective Services
(Derek Porter)
Speaker 16
(Joseph Ciccola)
Speaker 22
Cogent Law Group
(Adella Touron-Foerster LLM)
Speaker 17
David Law Colorado
(David Bush)
Speaker 10
1620 Solutions
(Edgar Hamm)
Speaker 18
Grow Hemp Colorado
(Veronica Carpio)
Speaker 23
Bitcoin Uncensored
(Chris DeRose)

Speaker 13
Dmitry “Rassah” Murashchik
Dmitry Rassah Murashcik.jpg

Mycelium | Product Manager

Dmitry “Rassah” Murashchik has been involved in Bitcoin in various capacities, including mining, investing, helping with related project development, venture funding, and volunteering as a Bitcoin consultant for “Bitcoin 101” tables at various conferences. In January 2014 Rassah was hired to work as a Community Manager for Mycelium, the group behind the Mycelium Bitcoin wallet, Mycelium Entropy, and the Bitcoin Card project, and is currently the Product Manager of Mycelium Wallet.

The Default Bitcoin Wallet
Tested by hundreds of thousands of users for many years.
No alternative has more stars on Google Play. Mycelium

Mycelium Demo In Person!

Will demo the Mycelium Bitcoin wallet & services.
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Mycelium Gear Mycelium Swish Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Speaker 14
Kevin McKernan
Kevin McKernan Medicinal Genomics

Medicinal Genomics

Genetic Science for Safe and Effective Medical Cannabis.

Medicinal Genomics

Proof of Existence

Speaking about our use of Proof of Existence and Cannabis Genetics.


Let's Talk Bitcoin!
#158 Ebola and the Body Blockchain

The Crypto Show
& Tatiana Moroz
with Kevin McKernan
of Medicinal Genomics
on the Blockchain

Speaker 15
Carl Lehrburger
Carl Lehrburger

PureVision Technology, Inc.

Carl Lehrburger, also known as Carell, is an environmental activist, renewable energy entrepreneur, researcher and author. He is a founder and an executive manager of PureVision Technology, Inc. and PureHemp Technology LLC. Since founding PureVision in 1992 with his brother Ed Lehrburger, PureVision has developed and is now advancing a breakthrough biorefining technology. Bear & Co. published his first book, Secrets of Ancient America in Dcember, 2014. Technologies for the Emerging Biorefinery Industry PureVision Technology, Inc. (“PureVision”) has developed and is commercializing a breakthrough technology that makes biorefining economical, faster, and more environmentally friendly. PureVision’s biorefining process converts biomass (renewable non-food plants like wheat straw, corn stalks and industrial hemp) into value-added products and commodities. Since 1999, PureVision has developed and patented technologies using its Continuous Countercurrent Reactor (CCR) equipment (referred to as “the PureVision Technology”) to rapidly convert non-food biomass into three primary value-added products: 1) Pulp for producing a wide variety of personal care, building, and paper products; 2) Lignin to produce chemicals, adhesives, coatings, composites, and plastics; and 3) Sugars for producing nutritional supplements, sweeteners, beverages, chemicals, and plastics.

Cannabis Compliance Issues.

The multifaceted cannabis plant will be presented in the context of the rapidly changing and many, often conflicting FDA, DEA and state laws relating to industrial hemp products and extracts (CBD), medical and recreational marijuana and their derivatives.

Carl Can be reached at: [email protected]

Speaker 16
Joe Ciccolo
Joe Ciccolo BitAML

Founder and President, BitAML, Inc.

Joe is an accomplished AML compliance expert and has spent the last several years building, developing and implementing successful AML compliance programs for both financial and non-financial institutions. Prior to launching BitAML, Joe was a founding member and architect of the BSA/AML program of a top 100 U.S.-based financial institution. He also served as a project manager for a top 20 global bank, where he led several regulatory and audit remediation projects, and consulted on the enhancement of existing documentation and record retention. Before entering the field of BSA/AML, Joe held leadership positions within various risk management disciplines, including vendor due diligence, fraud prevention, and corporate investigations. He is co-founder of Illinois State University’s bitcoin club, provides pro bono financial regulatory advisory services to Rotary International service projects, and is a passionate advocate of digital currency and access to financial services for the unbanked. Joe is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), and Anti-Money Laundering Certified Associate (AMLCA). He graduated from Northeastern University, College of Criminal Justice in his hometown of Boston, Massachusetts.

Why banks are high on compliance, and you should be too.

Can’t get banked? Lost your bank account? Yup, it’s AML alright. For legalized marijuana, like bitcoin companies, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find a bank willing to talk, let alone establish a sustainable banking relationship. Government regulators continue to raise the bar on AML and consumer protection, applying pressure on traditional and non-traditional financial institutions. We’ll examine the strategies deployed by banks to “de-risk” cannabis companies, and the compliance counter-measures you can deploy. Our discussion will conclude with a detailed examination of bitcoin as a potential solution.

Speaker 17
David Bush
DavidLaw David Bush


Legal services. I offer legal advice and assistance to industrial hemp businesses in Colorado and other states. DavidLaw

DavidLaw David Bush

David B. Bush has been licensed to practice law since 1992 and is an AV® rated attorney. He earned an M.S. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Arizona and a J.D. in law from the University of Wisconsin. He is admitted to practice in all courts in Colorado, as well as the United States Court of Federal Claims and the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. In January 2015, David established his solo law practice, DavidLaw. He offers quality, affordable legal services in Industrial Hemp Regulation and Compliance; Business Planning/Business Law; Construction Law; Employment Law and Commercial Litigation. David is a member of the Business Advisory Council of the National Hemp Association. He is the current President of the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to supporting hemp-related public education and academic research at institutions of higher education in Colorado.

Local Government Regulation of Industrial Hemp in Colorado

Describe the basic legal framework under Colorado state law for the regulation of industrial hemp. This framework appears to reserve the power to regulate industrial hemp exclusively to the state. Yet a number of local governments around Colorado have attempted to either prohibit or regulate industrial hemp cultivation and related activities, primarily by means of their power to control land use through zoning, but occasionally involving other police powers of local governments. Some efforts by local government standing direct conflict with state law, giving rise to questions about the nature and extent of the authority of local governments to regulate industrial hemp.

Speaker 22
Adella Touron-Foerster LLM
Adella Touron-Foerster LLM

Cogent Law Group | Director, Fintech Legal Department

Adella Toulon-Foerster's experience with alternative currencies spans over 15 years. In 2000, She Co-Founded LongLever and built online gold-backed payment systems. She adopted bitcoin in 2012 and subsequently wrote her legal thesis on bitcoin. Adella currently spearheads the blockchain and crypto/virtual currency practice at the Cogent Law Group, LLP. Adella has consulted, written and spoken extensively on bitcoin and its possible uses for remittance and other markets. She is passionate about disruption and believes in a future where financial inclusion is the status quo. She attended the Nottingham Law School (UK) and George Washington University Law School.

Cogent Law Group

The Elephant And The Blind Men

Since it's inception and application, regulators have puzzled over how to treat bitcoin. The law was simply not built to handle the novel technology and, in the absence of applicable black letter and case law, various regulatory agencies have grappled with different interpretations. Thus, the current legal terrain can be difficult to navigate for actors engaged or invested in the virtual currency space. The new wave of "blockchain technology" has spawned interest from banking institutions and entrepreneurs alike. This presentation will briefly outline regulatory interpretation from finCEN, The IRS, the SEC, the CFTC and various State laws. It will examine the current legal climate: theDAO, Bitfinex and how alternative companies may legally utilize bitcoin.

Speaker 18
Veronica Carpio
Veronica Carpio Grow Hemp Colorado

Grow Hemp Colorado was created in 2014 with the sole purpose to provide a online source of information on Hemp Farming, laws, rules and regulations for the state of Colorado. Since then we have expanded to many more free services and will be adding a members only section this coming year.

You can contact us at 720.401.5609 (text message friendly)

Veronica Carpio Grow Hemp Colorado

Veronica Carpio is the owner of Hemp Coffee & &; Co-founder of Hempslist (, and 1620 Solutions ( and is a veteran of the cannabis industry who has played a vital role in the development of the hemp industry in Colorado and has assisted other states in the US.

She has since developed her own specific hemp cultivar 'Colorado Star' which exhibited unique phenotypes previously unseen in the US which helped accelerate the availability of CBD products into the Market. Veronica's experience in both the marijuana and hemp industry has played a vital role in helping law makers and lawyers alike to define and refine the ever-changing legal landscape for hemp farmers and she would like to share her innovative crypto-currency based solutions that are currently available to help overcome the on-going financial censorship which the industry faces.

Veronica's experience in both the marijuana and hemp industry has played a vital role in helping law makers and lawyers alike to define and refine the ever-changing legal landscape for hemp farmers and she would like to share her innovative crypto-currency based solutions that are currently available to help overcome the on-going financial censorship which the industry faces.

Speaker 10
Edgar Hamm
Edgar Hamm

Evolutionary Processing Solution using Bitcoin
1620Solutions makes accepting Online Payments using Bitcoin (aka Cryptocurrency) payments a simplified and secure process. Payments made using Bitcoin for your goods or services are automatically "exchanged" into receivership denominated in US dollars, and then transferred from your Bitcoin wallet (mobile or web based options) to our customized physical plastic (not hemp plastic yet!) Visa credit card that can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

1620 Solutions Grow Hemp Colorado Co-Founder of Hempslist

I’m a Biodynamic farmer with experience growing hemp, I will be cultivating my first hemp monoculture in Colorado in 2016. Canncon Presenter

Organizer & Presenter "Financial Censorship in Cannabis & The BitCoin Solution" 2nd Annual Hemp Awards

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