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4th Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference April 23rd 2018 Denver Colorado | Club Vinyl

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2nd Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference 2016
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1st Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference 2015


Speaker 33
David Beckett
David Beckett

CIO Securexperts

David has been in security for 15+ years. Originating from Rochester, NY to Hartford, CT. In Hartford, David opened the branch for Defender and soon after became #1 in the company, gaining territory into NY, RI, VT, NH, MA, NJ, CT & NYC. Quickly became the largest ADT dealer in the nation. The standards and practices he implemented are still in place today set forth nationwide by corporate.

In 2013 David took a chance and accepted an offer by Canna Security America (CSA). Swiftly growing the business by 10 times the revenue. Also while learning the intricacies of the cannabis industry regulations. During his tenure with CSA David expanded the footprint and opened NJ, WA and Oregon with the first awarded licensee’s in these states.
In 2014 David took ownership of Security Grade Protective Services LTD. and launched the electronics systems division into the "guard" company. Which developed into a full service security firm with over $1.5 million in revenue in his first year. David designed and deployed the T.A.P. program. An eyes on video surveillance platform engineered to provide better security coverage and verified law enforcement response.
In 2017 Security Grade was acquired by Helix TCS, He then took over operations of SG and continued to expand into numerous States. With the Bio-Track THC merger David started to focus on the technology needed to protect all areas of the cannabis industry.
In 2018 David was awarded the “20 Under 40” by Security System News. During the award ceremony he was introduced to Securexperts. Partnering with the leader in cyber security, he plans on bringing new cyber technology to the regulation hungry cannabis sector. Developing a process to protect all data while using a single platform. Designed security regulations for cannabis clients in: AK, CA, CO, WA, OR, HA, IL, ML, NY, NJ, CT, MA, PA, OH, TX, FL & Puerto Rico. Has won licensees in: CO, OR, WA, TX, MD, IL, OH, PA, HI and Michigan.

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