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4th Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference April 23rd 2018 Denver Colorado | Club Vinyl

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Speaker 17
David Bush
DavidLaw David Bush


Legal services. I offer legal advice and assistance to industrial hemp businesses in Colorado and other states. DavidLaw

DavidLaw David Bush

David B. Bush has been licensed to practice law since 1992 and is an AVĀ® rated attorney. He earned an M.S. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Arizona and a J.D. in law from the University of Wisconsin. He is admitted to practice in all courts in Colorado, as well as the United States Court of Federal Claims and the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. In January 2015, David established his solo law practice, DavidLaw. He offers quality, affordable legal services in Industrial Hemp Regulation and Compliance; Business Planning/Business Law; Construction Law; Employment Law and Commercial Litigation. David is a member of the Business Advisory Council of the National Hemp Association. He is the current President of the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to supporting hemp-related public education and academic research at institutions of higher education in Colorado.

Local Government Regulation of Industrial Hemp in Colorado

Describe the basic legal framework under Colorado state law for the regulation of industrial hemp. This framework appears to reserve the power to regulate industrial hemp exclusively to the state. Yet a number of local governments around Colorado have attempted to either prohibit or regulate industrial hemp cultivation and related activities, primarily by means of their power to control land use through zoning, but occasionally involving other police powers of local governments. Some efforts by local government standing direct conflict with state law, giving rise to questions about the nature and extent of the authority of local governments to regulate industrial hemp.

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