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4th Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference April 23rd 2018 Denver Colorado | Club Vinyl

3rd Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference 2017
2nd Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference 2016
Bitcoin at The Hemp Awards Boulder 2016
Bitcoin Q&A Panel at CannaCon 2016
1st Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference 2015


Speaker 13
Dmitry “Rassah” Murashchik
Dmitry Rassah Murashcik.jpg

Mycelium | Product Manager

Dmitry “Rassah” Murashchik has been involved in Bitcoin in various capacities, including mining, investing, helping with related project development, venture funding, and volunteering as a Bitcoin consultant for “Bitcoin 101” tables at various conferences. In January 2014 Rassah was hired to work as a Community Manager for Mycelium, the group behind the Mycelium Bitcoin wallet, Mycelium Entropy, and the Bitcoin Card project, and is currently the Product Manager of Mycelium Wallet.

The Default Bitcoin Wallet
Tested by hundreds of thousands of users for many years.
No alternative has more stars on Google Play. Mycelium

Mycelium Demo In Person!

Will demo the Mycelium Bitcoin wallet & services.
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We're no middlemen — money goes from your customer straight into your wallet

Depend no more on your payment processor policies
Gear has no commission fees, it's FREE of charge
Takes literally minutes to set up
A payment widget that's a snap to set up, and a sophisticated developer API for advanced users
No personal information required, no approvals or KYC/AML
The core is opensource!

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