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4th Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference April 23rd 2018 Denver Colorado | Club Vinyl

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2nd Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference 2016
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Speaker 06
Jerry David Chan
Jerry David Chan

Founder of Bittoku LLC.
Jerry worked at Goldman Sachs trading technology for 10 years, followed by a 3 year period at JPMorgan Chase, working on large scale derivative pricing systems for the foreign exchange desk.
Jerry has been involved in Bitcoin since early 2012, when he started getting into bitcoin trading and using blockchain technologies as a disruptive force to drastically change what we know of as the finance industry.
Jerry speaks and acts as an advisor for blockchain technologies and is actively working on several blockchain projects in Japan and Asia.

Jerry holds a BASc of Electrical and Computer Engineering from Waterloo, Canada, and has worked on trading technology systems for over 14 years, at both Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase. Hired to work on implementing cutting edge distributed dependancy graph pricing and risk modelling systems, Jerry has worked on the trading desk of currency and commodity departments for most of his tenure at Wall Street. His interests being in dynamic programming and economics, Jerry also helped developed a reinforcement learning, policy-based execution engine for the equity algorithmic trading desk while at GS. Jerry has been active in the crypto scene since 2011, in his blogs and writings on economics and technology and Bitcoin. In 2014 he founded Bittoku in order to work on implementing crypto-based distributed ledger solutions for the application of point reward networks.

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