Crypto Cannabis Conference


4th Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference April 23rd 2018 Denver Colorado | Club Vinyl

3rd Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference 2017
2nd Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference 2016
Bitcoin at The Hemp Awards Boulder 2016
Bitcoin Q&A Panel at CannaCon 2016
1st Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference 2015


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Robert Stephan
Robert Stephan

I am the founder of Aroma computers, llc which has become a consulting company for Bitcoins. Now venturing into “Providing the ability to do due diligence on Bitcoin in the Cannabis space.” through adding Bitcoin Q&A panels. As of 2017 operating under Aroma Events, llc.

I am the founder of The Crypto Cannabis Conference.

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I am the organizer of The Bitcoin Viability Q&A Panel at CannaCon.
Multiple Bitcoin Panelists, will be debating the viability of Bitcoin in the Cannabis industry, with a room full of Cannabis entrepreneurs. Bring all your questions, concerns and reasons for NOT using Bitcoin. Let’s debate the viability in the best setting possible. CannaCon Presenter CannaCon Seminar Schedule

I am the founder of (B.A.G.) Bitcoin Advocacy Group.

I am the founder of Bitcoin And Beer Meetup Group


Crypto Cannabis Conference


3rd Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference 2017 Denver Colorado October 21st 2017

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