Crypto Cannabis Conference

Bitcoin at The Hemp Awards Boulder CO 2016

Speaker 10
Edgar Hamm
Edgar Hamm

Evolutionary Processing Solution using Bitcoin
1620Solutions makes accepting Online Payments using Bitcoin (aka Cryptocurrency) payments a simplified and secure process. Payments made using Bitcoin for your goods or services are automatically "exchanged" into receivership denominated in US dollars, and then transferred from your Bitcoin wallet (mobile or web based options) to our customized physical plastic (not hemp plastic yet!) Visa credit card that can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

1620 Solutions Grow Hemp Colorado Co-Founder of Hempslist

I’m a Biodynamic farmer with experience growing hemp, I will be cultivating my first hemp monoculture in Colorado in 2016. Canncon Presenter

Organizer & Presenter "Financial Censorship in Cannabis & The BitCoin Solution" 2nd Annual Hemp Awards

Speaker 12
Chad MacDonald

Owner and Lead Technician

As a Colorado native, Chad has been in the computer repair industry for over 11 years and has been part of great companies such as Apple Inc. and Neiman Marcus. He discovered Bitcoin in November 2013 and devoted over 600 hours studying the subject. Chad’s passions for technology and people have led him to the Denver Bitcoin Center to help manage and take care of Bitcoin beginners. In his free time he trains for 5Ks and 4-Wheels in his Jeep. Genius Computer Repair

Assisted Presenting "Financial Censorship in Cannabis & The BitCoin Solution" 2nd Annual Hemp Awards


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2nd Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference 2016



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