CCC 2016


2nd Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference 2016

Q&A; Panel
Cannabis & Bitcoin

Cannabis & Bitcoin Q&A; Panel + Raffle

Questions from the audience in person and on live stream will be answered by multiple panelists.

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Adella Toulon-Foerster
Cogent Law Group

Speech with Adella Toulon-Foerster | Cogent Law Group

The Elephant And The Blind Men

Since it's inception and application, regulators have puzzled over how to treat bitcoin. The law was simply not built to handle the novel technology and, in the absence of applicable black letter and case law, various regulatory agencies have grappled with different interpretations. Thus, the current legal terrain can be difficult to navigate for actors engaged or invested in the virtual currency space. The new wave of "blockchain technology" has spawned interest from banking institutions and entrepreneurs alike. This presentation will briefly outline regulatory interpretation from finCEN, The IRS, the SEC, the CFTC and various State laws. It will examine the current legal climate: theDAO, Bitfinex and how alternative companies may legally utilize bitcoin.

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Edgar Hamm & Veronica Carpio
1620 Solutions

Speech by Edgar Hamm & Veronica Carpio | 1620 Solutions, Grow Hemp Colorado, and Hempslist

Veronica's experience in both the marijuana and hemp industry has played a vital role in helping law makers and lawyers alike to define and refine the ever-changing legal landscape for hemp farmers and she would like to share her innovative crypto-currency based solutions that are currently available to help overcome the on-going financial censorship which the industry faces.

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Carl Lehrburger
PureHemp Technology LLC

Speech with Carl Lehrburger | PureHemp Technology LLC

Cannabis Compliance Issues.

The multifaceted cannabis plant will be presented in the context of the rapidly changing and many, often conflicting FDA, DEA and state laws relating to industrial hemp products and extracts (CBD), medical and recreational marijuana and their derivatives.

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Chris DeRose
Bitcoin Uncensored

Speech with Chris DeRose | Bitcoin Uncensored | Scam busting veteran

In this presentation, Chris DeRose, a bitcoin scam detecting veteran, talks about the types of scams, and the people who run them. Discussion will present a broad overview of the unlikely success of bitcoin, and what makes it different than the competitors that have arrived thereafter. A short examination of competing crypto currencies will be made, and predictions on the future of such scams will be presented.

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